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The Dos and Don’ts of Healthy Hair (Even if You Color Your Locks)

You might not have been born with it, but you love your hair color anyway. Whether you go dark and sultry or bright and bouncy, coloring your hair means your strands are more susceptible to damage, leaving your hair looking dry and dull. For healthy hair, you’ll need to give your look a little more love to ensure your color lasts and your mane always looks as shiny and vibrant as the day you colored. Here are some quick dos and don’ts for color-treated hair.

Do: Use a Hair Mask

You might use a face mask to keep your skin hydrated, so why not your hair? A hair mask uses intense moisturizers to inject hydration where your strands need it the most in order to help combat the damage from coloring your hair. You can grab a hair mask from the hair care section of your drugstore, but you can also create one at home by mixing an egg yolk with two tablespoons coconut oil and one tablespoon honey. Spread it over your hair, wrap your mane in a loose towel, and hang out somewhere warm for 30 minutes (in the sun or a steamy bathroom works best). Rinse out and pat dry for seriously glossy strands.

Don’t: Use Sulfates

If you check the back of most shampoos, you’ll notice that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is one of the main ingredients. Sulfates are detergents—and the way you get those satisfying suds—but they can also be super-drying and strip color from your hair. Instead, look for a shampoo without SLS or a cleansing conditioner to avoid stripping your hair when you wash.

VIbrant colors can fade faster

Vibrant hair colors can fade faster—learn how to care for them to enjoy your color every day!

Photo Source: Pexels/Unsplash

Do: Cool Down

You might love your hot showers, but your hair doesn’t. Hot water strips hair and can cause your color to fade much faster, especially if you darken your locks or dye them vibrant colors. Instead, keep your hair out of the hot water and wait until the end of your shower to cleanse and rinse in lukewarm or, if you can stand it, cool water. It’ll help seal in your conditioner and keep your hair vibrant and shiny.

Don’t: Use Heat Styling

If you’re serious about making your color last, ask your stylist to give you a low-maintenance hair cut. Since colored hair is already susceptible to damage and dullness, adding blow dryers and straighteners to the mix only increases the risk of breakage and damage. A wash-and-wear hairstyle protects your locks (and can even give you a few extra minutes in the morning). If you must use heat styling, give your hair a break and only use hot tools every few days.

Protecting hair from sun damage with a hat.

The right hat will keep that day at the beach from washing out your hair color.

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Do: Wear Hats

Heading out into the sun? It’s a surefire way to fade your hair color and add damage to what was once healthy hair. You probably slather on sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but don’t forget to protect your hair, too! Wear a hat or scarf over your strands if you’re headed into the sun. And, if you’re taking a dip into the pool, use a bathing cap to protect your hair from the drying effects of chlorine.

Don’t: Shampoo Daily

The more you wash your hair, the faster that salon-fresh color will fade. Skip a few days in between washing and your colored locks will thank you with longer-lasting color. Feeling a little greasy in between washes? Invest in a color-safe dry shampoo and spray it on your roots. Allow the shampoo to soak up any excess oil and then brush it through your hair to fake just-shampooed hair without the damage.

Color-treated hair can be healthy hair as long as you take the time to care for it properly. By shielding your strands from extra damage and infusing them with more moisture, no one will ever know that you weren’t born with your signature shade.

Featured photo source: Pexels/Irene Lasus

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