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Stunning Cookie Designs That Are Shockingly Easy to Make

From decking the halls and shopping to gift wrapping, sending out cards, and partying, the holidays can feel like an extreme sport. In the midst of it all, however, try to take time for one of life’s sweetest pleasures: decorating sugar cookies.

This heartwarming tradition is not only a stress-busting creative outlet; it’s also a fun way to spend time with loved ones and create DIY gifts. Whether you use homemade or ready-made sugar cookie dough, you can create all kinds of looks from just one batch. Try these cool cookie designs to wow your friends and family.

Festive Sugar Cookies

There’s nothing like some festive cookies to help you get into the holiday spirit.

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Marbleized Masterpieces

You don’t have to be artistic to make impressive mosaic cookies. Start with a blank cookie canvas: Roll out ready-made or homemade sugar cookie dough, cut out shapes with cookie cutters, and bake. When your cookies have cooled, get ready to decorate by filling a squeeze bottle with white icing.

Pipe a border of royal icing around the perimeter of each cookie. While the icing borders are setting, create a separate thin portion of icing with a few drops of water. In order to create a truly eye-catching design, you should keep a batch of the icing white and make separate squeeze bottles of icing that you’ve tinted with food coloring. Next, fill in or “flood” each cookie with a generous amount of the thinned white icing. Then place dots of colored icing on top of the white icing. Run a toothpick through each colored dot to create marbleized cookie designs that are as unique as a snowflake.

Sugared Sensations

Using the same border and flooding icing technique as the marbled cookie look, fill in each baked and cooled cookie cut-out with thinned white icing. Then, sprinkle each cookie with one or more colors of sanding sugar, such as red and green or blue and gold. The icing will act like glue, helping the sanding sugar stick.

Do you need to speed things up? No problem. Just skip the icing step and sprinkle sugar cookie cutouts with colorful sanding sugar or roll sugar cookie balls in sanding sugar before popping them into the oven. By incorporating decorations into your cookie designs before baking, you can save yourself a lot of time.

Baking Supplies

Cookie cut-outs can help you create beautiful designs with ease.

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Chocolate Dipped Bedazzlers

In lieu of icing, you can dip half of each rolled and baked sugar cookie in melted chocolate. Then dip the chocolate half in chopped walnuts, sprinkles, or crushed peppermint candies. Or, simply drizzle melted dark, white chocolate, or thinned icing over each baked cookie to create festive stripes or wild designs.

Tie-Dye Delights

Divide your sugar cookie dough in half and add a few drops of red or green food coloring to each section. Then, knead the food coloring to incorporate it into the dough. Recombine each red and green segment by blending it with your fingers, but don’t mix them together completely. When you have the desired tie-dye effect, roll, cut out, and bake your tie-dye creations, and then finish with a drizzle of thinned royal icing.

Stained Glass Wonders

After stamping your cookie cut-outs, you can use tiny cookie cutters or the tip of a knife to cut out designs in the middle of each cookie. Fill each inner cavity with crushed candy, such as Jelly Ranchers, and then bake as per recipe directions. The candy will melt into translucent panes. At this point, you can finish each cookie with a quick drizzle of icing and decorate with silver dragees.

When you’re finished with your holiday cookie masterpieces, you can festoon trays with see-through wrap and festive ribbon or gather up your treats in interesting tins to share your tasty treats with your loved ones.

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