Trendy young woman on spring break: perfect your resort style

Resort Style 101: Creating Perfect Spring Break Looks

With just a few basic items and some trendy pieces, anyone can create perfect resort style. Want to escape the winter blues with a spring break vacation? Do it in style, and you’ll have a lot more fun. Pack light but right in order to be ready for anything while enjoying yourself in the sun.

Trend Watch

Many department stores aren’t even stocking spring and summer fashions yet, but designers are already creating brand-new looks for the new year. Runways are filling up with new designs, and some trends keep appearing over and over. Stay in style this season with any item in mint green—the crisp color is showing up everywhere in the fashion world. Bold earth tones are also hot, so anything in warm shades of orange, red, and brown will keep you in fashion.

Prints and patterns are going to be all over the beaches soon, particularly Aztec prints. The sharp, geometrical Aztec patterns look amazing in warm earth tones and crisp, bright-green shades, so it’s no wonder designers are using them everywhere.

Capture chic resort style with a trendy mini dress

A minidress is easy to pack and looks great on the beach.

Photo Source: Pixabay/Adamkontor

Wardrobe Essentials

Pack a few essential pieces, and you can mix and match your wardrobe to create great resort style without taking seven suitcases with you on vacation. Get a couple of loose sundresses or minidresses in lightweight materials. Ruffles, prints, and lace are very hot in upcoming spring fashion, so use them as your inspiration.

On the beach, a loose minidress can make a cute swimsuit cover-up, and for sightseeing it’s a fashionable and comfortable pick that barely takes up suitcase space. Add a belt, a cute clutch, and heels, and it becomes an evening-ready outfit, too.

Take at least one pair of jean shorts with you; they’ll let you go pretty much anywhere. Jean shorts are great on the beach, perfect when shopping, and totally acceptable at casual dining restaurants and most tourist destinations. Match your shorts to a couple of different belts to change up the look. You can also cuff the bottom of your shorts one day to make them look a little different. Versatile jean shorts are a spring break can’t-miss.

Don’t Forget a Swimsuit

Winter may not be over, but at vacation destinations the sun is shining and the pool at the resort is open. Many spring-break-friendly destinations offer beaches and/or swimming, so you’ll want to be ready with a bathing suit. The retro look is leading the way in swimwear, and one-pieces are totally back in fashion when it comes to resort style. The shapes and lines of 1950s-era swimwear are inspiring many designers, so look for anything with a retro vibe to be totally on trend.

Sunglasses for Your Next Vacation

Sunglasses are a must-have for any spring break vacation.

Photo source: Pexels/Nitin Dhumal

Accessorize Your Style

When you’re working with a few basic wardrobe pieces, accessories are everything. Get a few different accessories to change up your look, and the varied styles will make it hard to notice you’re mixing and matching many of the same pieces. Sunglasses are a must when you’re enjoying a spring break vacation; aviators are a trendy choice this season, but you can always stick to oversize sunglasses in black to create a glamorous look. Or get both—sunglasses don’t take up much room in your suitcase!Wearing a Big Hat on the Dock in the Sun

Oversize hats are both cute and useful for days under the sun.

Photo Source: Pixabay/Sasin Tipchai

Top off any look with a hat—and the bigger, the better. Big, floppy beach hats are cute everywhere you go, not to mention practical. A big hat helps shade your face and head, which will keep you cooler while you’re sightseeing or adventuring. Get a couple of different scarves to tie around the crown of your hat, and you can match it to any resort style you create for the day.

Finish with Perfect Feet

No look is complete without the right shoes, and it’s always difficult to pack several pairs of shoes while on vacation. Stick to flip flops for the beach and as basic daywear, and get two or three pairs in various colors that you can match with several outfits. Need to dress up your look a little? Grab some light-colored or white wedge heels. They look great wherever you’re going and they’re perfect as evening wear, but still cute and casual enough for a trip into a coastal town.

Creating Amazing Resort Style

It doesn’t take a bunch of suitcases to create great style; it just takes a few smart, trendy pieces. Pack your bag with the right stuff, and you’ll have more space for bringing back cool souvenirs and special reminders of your amazing trip—made all the more memorable because you look so fashionable in all the photographs!

Featured Photo Source: Pexels/Unsplash

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