Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Last Minute Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorating has a way of creeping up when you’re busy with holiday shopping, baking, and sending cards. With all the tasks on your to-do list, when will you have time to put up outdoor holiday decorations? You may have been waylaid by a snowy weekend or freezing temperatures. But with the holidays here, whether you want a more simple and classic look or to go all-out, try these quick, weatherproof ideas that will save the season.

Hit the Mark With Classy and Traditional Decor

This decor takes less than 30 minutes but will appear finished and classic. Place one white electric candle in each window of your house that is visible from the street. Place a larger display in your largest window. Don’t skimp on lights or the decor can look sparse. And make sure not to miss any windows. Finish the cozy look with a large lit wreath on your front door.

A Wreath on Black Door

You can never go wrong with a festive wreath on your front door or windows.

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Opt for a Simple and Devotional Look

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, these outdoor holiday decorations are easy to put up and take down. Make the focal point of your decor either a manger scene or a large menorah, then shine a floodlight on the scene. You could stop there and it’s still a simple and fitting homage to the holidays. Or, buy a pair of inexpensive waterproof speakers and use an extension chord to play carols and music at a low level for a few hours on certain nights like Christmas Eve or the first and last days of Hanukkah.

Use Lighting for Big Impact

Lighting gels are one of the simplest ways to inspire and evoke the holiday spirit without spending a lot of money or time. Though gels are most commonly used for events like weddings or conferences, you can borrow the idea using floodlights and festive-colored gels and using your home as the backdrop. Gels are made for theater lighting, so affixing them to floodlights should work great. Just make sure you attach them with more than one clamp so they stay put on blustery evenings.

Place the lights in your front yard so that the light “falls off” the side of your house for both red and green overlaps, when they’re shining. The result will be a dramatic finish of bright, cartoon-like color on your home. You may need more than two lights to create the effect, but make sure you buy in pairs so you have a symmetrical effect.

Another quick trick is to purchase white net lights. If you live in an especially snowy region, draping the net lights softly on the snow in your front yard will create a magical winter wonderland effect. But for this to look finished, add additional decor to balance the look––whether that’s battery-operated luminarias framing your yard, a wreath on the door, or your Christmas tree in the window.

Go All Out

If you’re not technically savvy, one of the easiest ways to decorate is to have it professionally done. Or, order a preselected light sequencer and kit. You choose the music, string the lights, and plug in the program. The rest is done for you. For an extravagant look that may cost more, purchase several major decorative pieces like inflatable snowmen. The more decorations, of course, the bigger the show. Just be sure to check with neighbors and look into any local regulations for when cars start lining up to drive past your place!

Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you’re short on time but still want to go all-out, consider hiring a professional decorating service.

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Choose a Tidy and Sweet Look

Why not turn your home into Santa’s Workshop? Do you like the idea of a theme but wonder when you’ll have the time to execute it? This setup will take you less than an hour. You’ll need to pick up large, decorative candy canes––enough to line your driveway and sidewalk, a “Santa’s Workshop” sign, several boxes, and shiny wrapping paper.

Place the candy canes equal distance apart from your driveway to your door. Wrap the gift boxes, which can be weighed down with books inside. You’ll want to place these as close to your door and as far away from the elements as possible. Lastly, hang the sign on your door.

Outdoor decor doesn’t have to take all day in frigid weather to put up. Small touches and well-placed lighting go a long way in creating the festive look you want.

Featured Photo Source: Pixabay/jill111

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