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Festive Fashion Decoded: 5 Fresh Ways to Up Your Holiday Wardrobe

The holiday season and parties go hand-in-hand. From office parties to cocktail dinners to glitzy affairs, your social calendar is full. But what should you wear on these special occasions?

Sure, nothing says festive fashion like sparkle; it’s the holiday party trend that never goes out of style. You can add just a sprinkle of sparkle with a sequin topper, jeweled shoe, embellished dress, or blingy piece of jewelry. Or you can go all out with a full-on sequin party dress and a statement necklace. There’s no such thing as too much during this time of year.

Don’t limit yourself to this tried-and-true holiday trend, though. Take inspiration from the runways: Many of the season’s biggest trends are perfectly suited to holiday party dressing. Try incorporating these five ideas to instantly upgrade your festive fashion game.

Champagne Glasses

It’s time to prepare some festive outfits for all of the holiday parties you plan to attend this season.

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1. Jewel Tones

While you can’t go wrong with a LBD, something about a jewel tone feels oh so right for the holidays. Ruby red and emerald green are classics for Christmas. But if you want to be especially on trend, you can try fashion’s favorite color for this winter: purple. From ladylike lavender to vivid violet, there’s a tone that works for everyone.

2. Velvet

A velvet holiday dress is something that every woman remembers wearing as a little girl. Fast forward to the present and velvet is all grown up. Velvet dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, pants, suits, and even shoes ruled the Fall/Winter 2016 runways. Plush velvet can be challenging to wear because the thickness of the fabric is often unflattering. So seek out thinner, crushed velvets to give you the luxe look you’re after.

3. Fancy Blazer

If you’re heading straight from work to a holiday party without having time to change your clothes, a fancy blazer can be your best friend. And the racks are full of blazers this season. Look for holiday-party-friendly elements such as sparkle, velvet, metallics, embellishment, and jewel tones. A tuxedo-inspired blazer with silk lapels is always a classic, as well.

4. Statement Pants

Everyone goes looking for the perfect holiday party dress, but you should consider ditching the dress for a stylish pair of party pants. Look for metallics, embroidery, or a bold pattern. As an added bonus, this is a look you can often get away with in the office. Balance out the bold pants with a simple shoe and a low-key top, such as a solid cashmere sweater. To transition the look from day to night, you can top your outfit off with this season’s biggest jewelry trend: an oversized choker.

5. Layers

Another on-trend way to make your cocktail dress perfect for your holiday office party is to layer it over a fitted turtleneck. Or if the holidays are especially cold this year, it’s a perfect way to stay warm without sacrificing style.

A Woman Wearing a Dress and a Leather Jacket

You can also layer a trendy leather jacket over your favorite festive dress.

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Your holiday style will get an instant upgrade with these right-from-the-runway trends. By investing in one or two special pieces, you’ll be ready to take the party season by storm.

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