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Essential Tips for Planning a Bridal Shower

Did one of your best friends get engaged over the holidays? Are you in charge of planning a bridal shower for her? Planning a shower, whether a bridal shower or a baby shower, can be loads of fun. But it can also quickly become overwhelming if you don’t stay focused. To make the planning process simpler, here are few essential tips to help get you started.

Choose a Date

Almost everything hinges on when you’ll be holding the bridal shower. Showers should be held between two weeks and two months before the wedding date. The amount of time you choose between the wedding and the bridal shower is mostly personal preference, though earlier tends to be better in allowing people sufficient time to plan and prepare.

Create the Guest List

Unless the bridal shower is a surprise, consult with the bride and groom about who they’d like to invite. If the shower is a surprise, check with the parents of the bride and groom for their input. It would be a shame to miss someone important, but don’t feel that you have to invite everyone. A bridal shower can be as small or large as you prefer. Just remember, anyone you invite to the bridal shower should also be invited to the wedding ceremony.

Restaurant set for a bridal shower

When planning a bridal shower, be sure to consider the location carefully.

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Choose a Location

Remember that if the bridal shower is held at a tea salon, private hall, or restaurant, you should make reservations as soon as possible to be sure your date is available. Take into consideration the type of bridal shower the bride wants. Does she want a cozy, intimate setting? Or a large, formal event with many people? Does the location need to be coordinated with a theme? How much of the setting and cleaning up do you want to deal with yourself?

Decide on a Menu

If you hold the bridal shower at a restaurant or tea salon, they probably have a few select options for meals or appetizers you can choose from. If you’ll be holding the bridal shower at someone’s home, however, you’ll want to decide whether you want to do the food preparation yourself or have the shower catered. Will you want a cake or a lighter menu? Be sure to check with the bride to see if she knows of any food sensitivities that will have to be dealt with. If she isn’t sure, try to incorporate at least one gluten-free and vegetarian option into your menu to account for any allergies you may not be aware of.

A bridal shower cake

When planning a bridal shower, don’t forget to plan for the cake.

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Order Invitations

For a small, cozy affair, you may want to create or print your own bridal shower invitations. There are a number of different types of invitation kits available that you can customize. For a larger affair, you’ll probably want to have the invitations printed for you. Remember that if you have a theme for the bridal shower, now is the time to let your guests know. You’ll also want to include information about the gift registries the bride has signed up for in order to make gift-giving easier.

Last Minute Details

As the date of the bridal shower gets closer, you’ll want to tie up any last minute details. Have you ordered the flowers? Will you be providing party favors to the guests? What kinds of bridal shower games are you planning, and will there be prizes? What about music? Don’t leave any decisions to the last minute.

Once you’re sure all the details have been planned for, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the bridal shower itself!

Feature Photo Source: Pixabay/Terri Cnudde

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