Gifts Kids Can Give

DIY Gifts Kids Can Give This Holiday Season

There’s nothing like seeing your children’s excited faces at the sight of holiday gifts. But there’s also no doubt gift giving is equally fun for kids. Help show your kids that giving is just as important as receiving this holiday season with these DIY gifts kids can give.

One of the most powerful lessons your children can learn is that giving can feel just as good as receiving. According to Psychology Today, your brain produces dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin when you give. In other words, giving gives you a mood boost and can increase joy.

DIY Wall Clock

A fun gift to give––and make––is a wall clock. Your kids can let their creativity flow choosing from the type of material, shape, and color to use for the clock’s face. They can paint it a favorite color or customize it. Purchase a clock kit, which typically includes a battery-operated motor, clock hands, and numbers. For the face of the clock, pick up a piece of wood from your local hardware or craft store. You can also use an old paint canvas, old tray, or even a book cover. You could paint over your chosen surface or leave it how you found it. You’ll need to help your child with the hardware to hang your clock, and you will need to have a drill on hand to make a hole for the clock’s motor. Depending on their age, your kids will need oversight in painting, attaching the parts, and measuring the correct distance between numbers.

DIY Wooden Wall Clock

Older kids can enjoy showing off their artistic flair with this DIY wall clock.

Photo Source: Pexels/Mike Bird

Fragrant Epsom Salt Jar

After a long day of holiday shopping, there’s nothing like an Epsom salt bath for sore feet! This is one of the easiest gifts kids can give and it won’t cost much. Before you begin, talk to your kids about proper handling of Epsom salt––that it’s not edible like regular salt. Purchase a small bag of Epsom salt, a mason jar, food coloring, and an essential oil like peppermint, vanilla, clove, or lavender. Take two cups of Epsom salt and mix it with 1/4 of a cup of olive oil, vegetable oil, or coconut oil. Then, add two or three drops of the essential oil. You can keep the mixture white for winter and add peppermint, a known agent for soothing sore muscles, for example. For a colorful gift, add a few drops of food coloring––like purple for a lavender scented gift. Scoop the salt into a mason jar and complete the gift with a bow, string, or ribbon.

DIY Mason Jar Gift

Mason jars make for easy and quick DIY gifts that kids of any age can help make.

Photo Source: Pexels/Leon Woods

Homemade Snowman Ornament

Kids of any age can contribute to making a simple ornament that will last through the years. To make a festive snowman ornament, you’ll need:

  • a metal hook to hang your ornament
  • a clean, white, child-sized sock
  • an infant-sized red sock
  • cotton balls
  • a hot glue gun
  • a stapler
  • ribbon
  • adhesive googly eyes
  • three small buttons
  • craft paint
  • silver glitter
  • a permanent marker
  • a piece of cardboard to use as the base

Stuff the sock completely full of cotton balls. Cinch the sock with ribbon so the snowman’s “scarf” segments his head and body, and be sure to make the head smaller than the body. Next, staple the top of the sock (the bottom of your snowman) closed. Cut a small round base for the snowman from the cardboard, wide enough so you can write the year on it. Paint the cardboard white and add silver glitter while it’s wet. Wait until the base is dry to hot glue the snowman to it. Glue the red sock on top of its head as a hat. You can add cotton around the rim of the hat with your glue gun. Attach the googly eyes to your snowman’s head and glue the buttons to his body. Next, draw a mouth and nose with a permanent marker.

Kids learn that giving is just as important as receiving if they put effort into making holiday gifts for family and friends. They’ll feel proud of their creation and be excited to watch their recipient open gifts come the holidays.

Featured Photo Source: Pexels/Tookapic

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