Different Kinds of Cheese

Discovering Different Kinds of Cheese: How to Craft the Perfect Cheese Board

If you’re planning a get together at your home, you may be wondering about the different kinds of cheese you should offer on your cheese board. The key to putting together a great cheese board is to provide a variety of tastes, textures, and flavors. With thousands of different types of cheese and these tips at your disposal, your party is bound to be a hit!

Cheese and Crackers

Don’t forget to include crackers on your cheese board!

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Selecting the Cheese

When choosing cheeses, your goal should be to have crumbling, hard, and soft cheeses among your selection. For crumbling cheeses, consider blue, feta, or chevre cheeses. Hard cheeses include a variety of different options including cheddar, gouda, asiago, or Edam. In an effort to create a nice variety, you could include some soft cheese, such as brie, camembert, and Queso Blanco, as well. And don’t be afraid to choose a few kinds of cheese that you don’t know very well. After all, part of the fun of putting together a cheese board is trying new things!

Choosing the Meats

To take your cheese board to the next level, you can add a selection of meats. Popular charcuterie board options include prosciutto, soppressata, salami, and Pâte. If you like to add a bit of heat to your food, consider offering your guests a spicy chorizo instead of the soppressata.

Charcuterie Board

Adding some meats to your cheese board is an easy way to boost the flavor potential.

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Bread and Crackers

Your guests will want to enjoy the meat and cheese on some bread or crackers. In an effort to offer a variety of different tastes and textures, try adding crusty bread, crackers, chips, crisps, or even bagels to your spread. Just make sure to offer at least one type of sturdy bread that is suitable for spreading the soft cheese and Pâte. Choose both plain and flavored varieties of bread and crackers to suit a slew of different tastes. For example, you might want to pair flavors like garlic or onion with the gouda or cheddar cheeses, or offer a sweeter honey or cinnamon flavored cracker to compliment the brie.


Looking to jazz up your cheese board even further? You can also add a few condiments such as honey to drizzle on the brie, a fig jam to pair with mild cheeses, or spicy mustard to spread on the salami. And remember to include some fruit (from fresh strawberries to ripe red or green grapes) for visual interest and different tastes. Feel free to add a handful of almonds or granola for extra crunch!

By following these tips and tricks, you can put together a tasty appetizer that everyone will enjoy!

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