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5 Centerpiece Ideas for an Inexpensive, Elegant Holiday Tablescape

The perfect centerpiece for your holiday meal can be just the finishing touch you need to create a lovely ambiance. Let’s face it, the holidays are a time when it’s tempting to overspend. But if you’re wistful to have a magazine-worthy table setting, these five inexpensive centerpiece ideas will help you create an enchanting atmosphere for your guests, without breaking your budget.

1. Anchor Your Design With a Centerpiece Base

In an effort to build a dramatic centerpiece, you can play with height. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go to your local hardware store in search of a piece of wood and varnish to match your dining room table. You can opt for a rectangular or circular piece, stain it according to the directions on the product, and try out any of the ideas below!

These centerpiece ideas are straightforward, and you can put your own creative stamp on each:

  1. For a minimalist look, purchase small, smooth stones and place three medium-sized candles at equal distances on the board with stones around them.
  2. If a sophisticated look is what you’re after, lay out a vibrant red or gold runner and set two to three glass vases at even distances down the board. Then, create a wintry centerpiece by filling the vases with tree branches decorated with tiny gold balls, or small, crystal baubles, and securing each branch bunch with red velvet or gold ribbon.
  3. A quaint, rustic style is easy to create with mistletoe around the perimeter of the board. Finish the centerpiece with inexpensive, rustic wood slabs surrounding large, decorative holiday balls in silver and gold down the center.

2. Use Herbs in Lieu of Expensive Flowers

Instead of spending a ton on a large holiday flower arrangement, you can go for an herb arrangement, instead. After all, rosemary, sage, pinecones, and mistletoe can set the stage for a lovely holiday meal.

  1. This centerpiece can be created in one large vase, but for round or smaller tables, you may want to use three vases of different heights. Depending on your style, you can opt for glass, patterned, or silver vases.
  2. Using rosemary as your primary plant, separate long and short sprigs into three bunches.
  3. Next, build your arrangement inserting pine cones, sage, and a dash of color with mistletoe.

Basil Plant

You can save time and money by opting for a simple herb arrangement.

Photo Source: Pexels/Natalie B

3. Create a Holiday Ball Topiary

Topiaries add a clean, fresh look to any setting. You can create a fun, modern take on this trend by using silver and blue or red and green holiday balls of different sizes.

  1. For long tables, consider making two to three small topiaries. If you have a round table, one larger topiary works for scale.
  2. Purchase one large, 10-inch round styrofoam ball or three medium-sized, six-inch ones.
  3. Use one to three round flower pots that compliment the color of the balls you’re using, and stuff cotton or newspaper in the bottom so the topiary sits on top.
  4. You can spray paint the foam ball, or just fill in the topiary with holiday ornament balls of different sizes, so the foam is completely covered.
  5. Thread hanging wire through the ornament balls and start from the bottom of the topiary ball, inserting the wire into the styrofoam, working your way around the base and up. Adding a dab of hot glue on each ornament can help you to secure them in place.

4. Make a Playful LED Light Centerpiece

When done tastefully, a LED light centerpiece can add an element of playfulness to your place settings.

  1. Pick our a large cylinder vase
  2. Purchase LED orb lights in white or red.
  3. Stack the orbs in the vase and add water.
  4. Add mistletoe or ivy around the bottom of the vase.

Multicolored LED balls can look uncoordinated, and feel overwhelming. Whether you use one or more vases, make sure to use a monochromatic design scheme, instead.

5. Display Your Gingerbread House

There are plenty of gingerbread house ideas and recipes for you to choose from.

  1. If you don’t consider yourself a baker, you can keep it simple by picking up a gingerbread house kit. But, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can create a gingerbread town and display it as your centerpiece.
  2. Place your completed masterpiece on a colorfully wrapped box (filled with books, so it doesn’t collapse).
  3. Add sprigs of fir, mistletoe, flowers, or even small, battery-operated white Christmas lights around the base.

Gingerbread Houses

Show off your craftmanship by displaying your beautiful gingerbread houses front and center.

Photo Source: Pixabay/Public Domain

This year, forget about conventional flower arrangements or poinsettias. These inexpensive centerpiece ideas can serve as great conversation starters for your guests. They won’t take long to make, and they’ll create an elegant display to offset a delicious holiday meal.

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