Holiday Shopping Tips

4 Holiday Shopping Tips to Help You Stress Less

Does this time of year often feel like a stress fest? If so, the following holiday shopping tips can help you maintain your sanity while finding the perfect gifts to give all of your loved ones.

1. Make a List

Before setting foot in a store or browsing online, you should create a list of everyone who you need to get a gift for this year. By writing it all down, you can organize your thoughts. In addition to your family and close friends, you may want to consider buying a little something for:

  • the mailman
  • your hair dresser
  • your child’s teachers
  • your favorite babysitter
  • the bus driver
  • your cleaning person
  • your coworkers
  • your boss

Once you finalize your list, you should determine your budget for each person and whether or not you’ll be shopping for that gift recipient online or in-store. By having an itemized list, you can help yourself save time and money down the line.

A Woman Writing in a Notebook

Having a game plan will help you feel in control and avoid impulse buys.

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2. Make That List Specific

Next, take some time to think about each person and what you’ll buy for him or her. The best presents, especially for family and close friends, are personal. If you’re not sure what recipients might like, think about what they do in their spare time.

Is someone on your list a foodie and a wine enthusiast? Then how about something fun but unusual, such as a DIY wine making kit? If you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend, you should try to think of something you can do together, such as tickets to a local theater production or ballroom dancing lessons. For teachers and service providers, gift cards are always a great option.

One caveat: For workplace gifts and recipients you don’t know well, don’t bother racking your brain for just the right thing. In fact, giving something different to everyone at work invites comparison. Instead, think bulk generic gifts, such as a cool mug in different colors.

3. Wrap It Up

During this time of year, you might want to create a gift wrapping area in your home. Stock it with extra wrapping paper and mailing essentials, such as festive wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, transparent tape, scissors, mailing tape, gift boxes, and mailing boxes so that you don’t have to scrounge up supplies every time you need to wrap a gift. You can also organize wrapping supplies in a wall-mounted craft storage rack.

To save time, you should try to wrap gifts all at once (think production line). And be sure to wrap and label each gift one at a time so that you don’t forget who gets what. You can even color-code your wrapping paper so that you can easily visualize how many gifts you have for each person, and see where you might need to jump in and grab the right presents. If you’ll be spending Christmas Eve at your in-laws, for example, you should wrap all of those presents in a particular wrapping paper design so that nothing gets left behind. You can designate a particular wrapping paper for each of your kids, too.

Wrapped Presents

Festive wrapping paper can help to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

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4. Ship Early

You can’t talk about holiday shopping tips without mentioning shipping. In order to make sure that the packages you send get to the recipient on time, you should mail packages as early as possible and know your deadlines. The last day to send packages through the United States Postal Service (First Class Delivery Service) so they’ll get there by Christmas is Tuesday, December 20. The UPS 3 Day Select cut-off date for Christmas delivery is Monday, December 19. If you’re doing your shopping online, you can get free shipping by shopping on Free Shipping Day, which is December 16.

By following these holiday shopping tips, you can take the festive season by storm!

Featured Photo Source: Pexels/Negative Space

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